About Us

Z Dimensions is a social network that lets community members earn rewards for doing what they love, being social. You earn rewards for visiting, posting, liking and pretty much everything you do on Z Dimensions. Our goal is to reward users and not just influencers or creators. No social platform would be successful without its users.

Up Next – AR App and More Places to Spend Points

We are partnering with businesses in Las Vegas so we can launch Zetta Vegas Cyber City. You will be able to use your Zetta Points at participating locations and get members only discounts, rewards and prizes. Next year we are launching our augmented reality rewards app. It’s an exciting AR game that makes it fun and easy to earn points and spend them at all you favorite places.

Z(Zetta) Dimensions is a platform created by ZDG (Zetta Development Group). Zetta Development Group is part of the Zetta Empire. You can learn more about us on our websites. www.zettaempire.com www.zettadevelopment.com www.zettaverse.com

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